Service Offerings

Initial Consultation

Hamilton Partners offers a business overview session as an opportunity for an hour-long general discussion on the business’ past, present and potential for future.

Whether next steps are pursued with Hamilton Partners or not, we are committed to the success of  small and medium size businesses and their owners and want to offer support where possible.

We understand the challenges and excitement of fast-moving day to day business activities in fast, changing complex market environments, and we want to help!

Strategic Business Overview

For prospective clients looking for assistance in creating their own business plan, executive summary, or strategy document, Hamilton Partners offers an on-site strategy session. The session will cover key areas including administration, organization, operations, product and services, and finance areas of the business. This session yields a framework to populate or enhance their business plan or strategy document.

Hamilton Partners will present the business with a written summary report with commentary and recommendations formulating a framework for an original or revision of the company’s business plan.

Business Plans

A well-written and researched business plan that has been effectively edited with concrete financials is a document that can make all the difference for running and growing your business as well as pursuing strategic alternatives such as funding, banking lines, customer diligence, etc..

Writing a high grade (investor/bank ready) business plan can be challenging and time consuming, even for those who have done it before.

If you are a typical entrepreneur, you are already too busy focusing on other priorities, such as building your customer base, product development, or recruiting key management.

Hamilton Partners offers a complete range of business plan services ranging from review of existing documents and materials to the creation of a complete business plan, including a financial model, ready for internal execution as well as external reviews.


Hamilton Partners offers highly experienced CFO and Operations capabilities on a project- or part-time basis. Outsourced strategic CFO/COOs have a unique capability to launch immediately into the role. These services generally include strategies to develop financial and operational infrastructures, maximize profitability, overcome financial challenges, prepare for growth, or facilitate a transaction without the cost of a comparably experienced in-house hire.

Full Business Plan Development

HPAU can tailor our business plan preparation services to suit your situation.  HPAU will:

  • Help you optimize your strategy, research, and analyze your market and competitive position
  • Create a clear and compelling business plan to articulate your journey and opportunity
  • Save you hundreds of hours that you can better spend on other priorities.

Existing Business Plan Review

For clients needing their existing business plan or corporate strategy document. HPAU will:

  • Review plan cover to cover, and a report prepared on its strengths, effectiveness, coverage, and where applicable, areas for improvements.
  • Call or visit with the client before and after the report to initially help HPAU gain background for the plan review and will subsequently provide any needed report clarification on the report’s commentary and recommendations.
  • If required, provide a project estimate to modify and optimize the plan beyond the scope of the initial review.

Limited Business Plan Development

If clients are on a more limited budget and have the time to conduct most of the research and writing, HPAU will:

  • Guide and prioritize your efforts
  • Supply templates and other helpful materials
  • Critique, edit, and format your drafts


HPAU will work with management to develop a compelling one- or two-page executive summary. The goal of an executive summary is to persuade readers to request a full business plan, pitch deck or additional sales information. However, creating a compelling executive summary can be at least as challenging as developing a complete business plan. The business has one chance to make a great first impression!


An Interim Strategic CFO will work directly with the business, in order to review the accuracy of their financial statements, assist in creating and implementing internal controls and policies and procedures, help them with financial planning, and manage the financial risk of their businesses,  The CFO will work closely with the executive management team on development and execution of corporate strategy, operational optimization as well as metric development and monitoring  underpinning the financial plan and enhanced business performance.

Corporate Presentations

Investors, banks, finance companies, or customers frequently require a stand-alone pitch deck in addition to or instead of a full narrative business plan. HPAU will:

  • Develop a successful deck which is clean, crisp, and tells your story without going into excessive detail
  • Tailor presentations to the relevant audiences


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