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As a trusted partner, we share our client’s vision to build profitable, scalable businesses which optimize performance and value.


Hamilton Partners (HPAU) is an independent consulting practice dedicated to partnering with senior management and operations teams of emerging growth and larger scale enterprise businesses to address every stage of the business cycle with services including: assessments, business plan development and financial modeling, strategic business advisory, operations development as well as corporate finance strategy assistance. As a trusted partner, we share our client’s vision to build profitable, scalable businesses which optimize growth, performance, and value.

Businesses face many day-to day challenges and opportunities in the management of their organization — resource constraints (management, capital, marketing), changing market conditions, increased competition, international distribution or even management of ‘too much’ business opportunity. HPAU will assist management to evaluate and action critical issues of organic or external growth. HPAU is flexible in the delivery of services to suit client needs ranging from traditional consultative approach to a very “hands on” methodology where HPAU takes on a role as a direct member of a client’s executive management team. With its international team of executive leaders, Hamilton Partners is well positioned to help our clients leverage global perspectives, opportunities and access to develop and implement corporate and operating strategies, analyze and enhance successful lines of businesses, turn around unprofitable cost centers and identify additional opportunities growth and efficiency.

Client industries include software, Internet (e-commerce, interactive services, online marketplaces, web infrastructure and applications), IT services, healthcare, consumer services. financial services and industrial sectors. Clients are in Australia, Canada and the United States.

The firm differentiates itself with highly personalized, cost effective, senior level attention and services. With a unique combination of global financial advisory and corporate operations experience with both SMBs and large enterprises, the firm works closely with entrepreneurial business owners and management teams seeking a trusted partner who has experienced and understands both the challenges and opportunities in running their businesses. We appreciate the personal and financial sacrifices required to build sustainable, and profitable businesses, and are committed to be a catalyst for achieving growth and/or operational transformation.


For additional information, and to arrange for an initial discussion, please contact info@hamilton-partners.com or +61 499 996 698.

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Hamilton Partners offers its services to entrepreneurs and senior management teams seeking to make impactful organizational changes to optimize the opportunities for the success of their businesses. HPAU works closely with clients to identify and address critical strategic issues for building or re-setting their foundation for growth.


HPAU understand the challenges of fast moving day to day business activities.
We offer consultations to entrepreneurs, SMBs and senior management teams who are seeking experienced advice in helping understand and address their business hurdles and opportunities.

About Our Partners

From time to time, HPAU partners with other trusted, focused firms in an effort to optimise advisory expertise to meet additional client requirements in a seamless manner. In selected situations, use of such partners enable clients to access maximum resources, support and potential market relationships with minimal management and operational disruptions.

Service Offerings

We appreciate the personal and financial sacrifices required to build sustainable, and profitable businesses, and are committed to being a catalyst for achieving growth and/or transformation objectives.

Initial Consultation

Hamilton Partners offers a business overview session as an opportunity for an hour long general discussion on the business’ past, present and potential for future.

Strategic Overview

For prospective clients looking for assistance in creating their own business plan, executive summary or strategy document, HPAU offers an on-site strategy session.

Corporate Presentations 

Investors, banks, finance companies, or customers frequently require a stand-alone pitch deck in addition to or instead of a full narrative business plan.

Full Business Plan

HPAU can tailor our business plan preparation services to suit your situation.

Business Plan Review

A well-written and researched business plan that has been effectively edited with concrete financials is a document that can make all the difference for running and growing your business.

Limited Business Plan

If clients are on a more limited budget and have the time to conduct the majority of the research and writing.

Executive Summaries

HPAU will work with management to develop a compelling one or two page executive summary.

Selected client engagements

Major National Managed Healthcare Provider/ Health Fund


Major national US healthcare provider focused on those receiving health care benefits through publicly funded health care programs.


HPAU assisted with the development of business and marketing plans for new products related to significant legislative changes related to major health plan overhauls in the US and their delivery to this vulnerable segment of the population. In addition, HPL assisted with international product market opportunity assessments.

The 365 RPM Group Pty Ltd (Formerly Leadmaster Australia Pty Ltd)

North Sydney, AUSTRALIA

On demand sales force automation / CRM software solution. The primary objectives of LeadMaster CRM is to leverage and monetize customer sales and marketing organizations by provide customers with a powerful, easy to use cloud-based subscription solution facilitating the acquisition, development and retention of new business opportunities. The Company’s operations are primarily in Australia and Asia Pacific, with operations in North America and Western Europe.


HPL assisted with business plan development, financial modelling, and forecasts as well as corporate development services including evaluation strategic alternatives and the successful re-negotiation of its primary distribution agreement with its US partner. Led to a permanent CFO / COO role to focus on financial infrastructure and operations in addition to international corporate development initiatives.


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